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Soderberg – High Quality Glassware, Pottery, Furniture – Reedsburg

February 11, 2020 @ 9:00 am America/Chicago Timezone


E7429 State Road 23 and 33, Reedsburg

 Phyllis Soderberg and Her Late Parents Estate

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11TH               9:00 AM

LOCATION:  E7429 State Road 23 and 33 at the Gavin Auction Facility. 1 mile East of Reedsburg

Lunch: Lunch Box Express

Note: This a very large estate auction. Some very high quality glassware and pottery items.

Several Hundred pieces of glassware & pottery — Fenton, Royal Dalton, Royal Winton, Carnival Glass, Fiesta, Hobnail, Goebel, Waterford, Autumn Leaf, Fire King, Royal Haeger, Staffordshire, Shawnee, Hall, Hull, Murano, Silver Crest, Mad. Art Studio, Logan Pottery, USA, Nipon, McCoy , Depression Glass, Fostoria, Majolica, Stafford, bookends, Wavecrest, cookie jars, Beatrix Potter & other figurines, children’s toy tea set, salt & pepper sets, juicers, candle holders, lamps, etc.

Toys – GI Joe, Barbie & other dolls, lunch boxes (Star Wars, Lone Ranger, etc), Jars of Old Marbles, Toy Story Figurines, metal trucks, toy train parts, cars, Erector Set, metal toy guns, many Disney items, & other figures, board games, etc.

Hundreds of pieces of sheet music, old Life Magazines, comic books, calendars. 45 & 78 records, hundreds of old post cards, cast iron pans (Griswold, etc.), wood boxes with adv., old tools, old tins, metal banks, prints (Maxwell Parish, Child Angels, etc.) old books, clocks, comic books, and many pieces of vintage costume jewelry, stereoscopic viewer, cedar chest, upright oak desk, book cases, old metal  chocolate molds, etc.

Note from the Owner: While the typist is not a glassware or collectibles expert, most things listed describe some of the items at this auction. Many duplicate items have been found in boxes packed away for many years. Most items are in excellent condition. A second auction date is also being planned.

Mastercraft Clock w/Girl on Swing, Royal Doulton Mark Twain Jug, Chef string holder, Shawnee Red Collar Cookie Jar & Puss & Boots Cookie Jar, Erphilia Germany Lady Dresser Jar, Shawnee Smiley Pig creamer, Bradley & Hubbard Ink Wells, Fenton Plum opal. Fern & Daisy Sugar Shaker, Bohemian Ruby glassware, cut to clear stag & castle decanter, Turquoise Diamond Lace epergne, Rose Harlequin Casserole, Blue Indian orange peel crock by the Logan Pottery Co., Royal Winton Sweet Nancy Tea Cake Tray, Shawnee Bo-Beep Pitcher & Little Boy Blue Pitcher, Hull Brown Gingerbread Cookie Jar, Luster Creamer Ship motif, gold trim cranberry bride bowl & basket, Blue Hobnail sugar & creamer, Train Salt & Pepper shakers, Old Federal Savings & Loan Bank, yellow & pink rose German pitcher, Fenton figurines and fairy lamps, pink Hobnail Epergne, Carnival glass bowls, Opaque Ivory cracker Jar, Festoria Candle Holders, Shawnee Muggsy Shakers, brass candle holders, Pairpoint tea set, Jewel Tea Aladdin Teapot, Austrin Golfers, Hobnail tankard pitcher, Silver plated coffee server, Black Mammy string holder, Staffordshire mustache mug, Shawnee Red Plover teapot, Royal Doulton jovial monk, Lenox Nativity Set, Vaseline Fern & Daisy Barber Bottle, Hurricane candle holders, Vaseline Fern & Daisy syrup jug, Shawnee Bo-Beep Pitcher, Fenton French white birds barber bottle, Imperial purple slag covered box, Cranberry Hobnail Basket, Shawnee Charlie Chicken pitcher, Hobnail Cruet, old brass bell, Majolica Daisy Compote rim chips, Mary Gregory sugar shaker, Haquer jewelry-music box, Ab Lincoln bookends, Sugar bucket, McCoy Iron Shaped wall pocket, Northwood carnival bowl, Murano Venetian cruet, Fenton coin spot large vase,  Fenton fairy lamps, Fiesta dishes & cups, Shawnee piebirds, Shawnee Granny Ann teapot, Silver Crest 4 horn epegne, Hobnail baskets, Gouda Holland Vase, 12 compartment candle maker, Coinspot basket, Cranberry Brides Basket, Marigold Carnival Bowl, green Hobnail bowl, Morton Pie Bird, Fenton miniature lamp, Hobbs Frances Ware Dew Drop Pitcher, Perfume bottle w/sunflower stoppel, Ruby Red Mary Gregory syruper, Majolica Pitcher, Fenton Jack ‘n Pulpit vase, Bavaria w/duck decal, Shawnee Smiley Pig Pitcher, old metal rabbit chocolate molds, Nipon Muffin warmer, Griswold cast iron corn bread pan, Fenton Daisy & Fern cruet, green sponge bowl, Fenton Jack in the Pulpit vase, Royal Doulton Santa Jug, Colbalt Blue Jack in Tulip vase, Fenton Blue Bird eye dot barber bottle, Llardo girl with pig, Royal Dux Candleholders, Little Red Riding Hood salt & pepper shakers, Weller Vase, Shawnee Smiley Pig shakers, 3-face oil lamp, G. Washington book ends, Royal Doulton School Marm, Fenton coin dot lamp & vase, Bank of Elroy bank, Wavecrest Ferner w/copper lining, Fenton Vaseline Hobnail vase, Stangle Double Oriole birds, Fenton Powder Set, L.C. Red Carnival windmill bowl, Limuge Monk Plate, Fenton Fern & Daisy sugar shaker & pitcher, Fenton Bird Dot sugar shaker, Bohemian Crystal Ruby Etched covered candy, Fenton hobnail decanter and 4 wine glasses, Metal toy grinder, 1933 Century of Progress Spoon, vintage toy metal sewing machine, Chintz butter dish, Hall Maroon teapot, Life’s WWII Picture History, Westmorland child’s punch set, Metal pig bank, brass bell bookends, EAPG 4-piece table set, Goebel Friar Tuck bookends & Mug, Amethyst mini farmyard bowl, Boston Bulldog Door stop, mini pony grinder, Northwood Blue Nappy, Fenton amethyst carnival peacock vase,  Fire King Tulip Bowl, Chintz sauce bowl, Southern Belle Blue  glass lamp, Ruby Red flashed diamond & flower brides bowl & frame, Pink Miss American Pitcher, Old School Bell, Heart Shaped Brides Basket, Child’s Toy Stove, Brass Eagle Nutcracker, Mickey Mouse Child’s Tea set, Fenton Jam Set, Royal Doulton Silk & Ribbons, Fenton Amberia Farmyard, Royal Doulton Secret Thoughts, Royal Doulton Stop the Press, Blue Carnival Grape & Daisy Pitcher, Royal Doulton “rose” figurine, Bean Pot w/Ad, Red Hall 5 band syrup pitcher, Madison Art Studio Figurines, Sultan Peanut Butter pail, Early American Blue Syrup Pitcher, Blue Hobnail Mayo Set, Imperial Rose Bowl, Fenton Hobnail Perfume bottles, metal trinket box, ETC., ETC.


WRAC #274
296 Main St. Reedsburg, WI 53959 • (608) 524-6416
112 5th Avenue Baraboo, WI 53913 • (608) 356-9437