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Richardson – Gun and Ammo Auction Ends – Reedsburg

November 6, 2020 @ 10:00 am America/Chicago Timezone





Gavin Bros. Online Only Auction

 Paul and Sharyn Richardson Gun Auction

E7429 State Hwy 23 and 33 – Reedsburg,WI.


Online Ends Friday November 6th  at 10:00 AM


Pre- View: Wednesday November 4th – 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Pick – Up:  Saturday November 7th – 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon




LONG GUNS:  Colt Sauer 22-250 –Leopold 12X Scope; Colt Sauer 25-06-Leopold 3X9 Vari  X11 Scope, never fired; Colt Sauer 30-06-Leopold 3X9 Vari X11 Scope; Colt Sauer 300 Winn Mag –Leopold 3X9 Vari Xll scope;

Marllin Mdl 1894 44 REM Mag lever action; Winchester Pre 64 Custom Made Bench Rest Rifle, Mdl 70 action, J. Unertl scope, heavy barrel; Ruger No. 1 22-250 single shot-Leopold 12X scope, 23” heavy barrel; Remington Mdl 7 .223 bolt, SS,-Leopold Vari Xlll scope; Savage Mdl 93  22WMR-Bushnell 3X9 scope; Remington Match Master Mdl 513T 22, Lyman Site, 26” heavy barrel; Winchester Mdl 94 22XRT  22cal, Redfield 4X scope.

MILITARY RIFLES:  Government issued 30 cal Carbine WWII w/bayonet; Plainfield Machine 30 cal carbine semi auto; Remington U.S. Mdl 1917 Enfield 30-06; M-1 Garrand 30-06; Springfield Armory 30-M1 Garrand US rifle, sniper grade.

HAND GUNS:  Colt Diamond Back 22 revolver; Colt Trooper MK lll 22 Mag; High Std Supermatic Citation 22 LR Mdl 106 Military; Colt Python 357 Mag Revolver, never fired; Colt Python 357 Mag revolver, never fired, nickel plate; Colt Python 357 Mag Revolver, 2 ½ “ barrel, never fired; Colt Python 357 Mag revolver, 2” barrel, nickel plate, never fired; Colt Agent 38 Special Revolver, never fired; Colt Agent 38S&/8 “ barrel; S&W Mdl 29-2 44 Mag revolver, nickel plate; S&W Mdl 27-2 357 Mag; Colt Combat Commander 45 cal pistol; Colt Gov Mark lV 45ACP, nickel plate, never fired; Colt Gov Mark VI Series 70 45 ACP, never fired; Colt Gov MRVI Series 7D 45ACP; Colt Combat Commander 45 pistol, never fired; Colt Gold Cup Natural Match Mark VII Series 70 45ACP; H&R 22 Special revolver; Derringer Southerner 41 cal; Colt Gold Cup Natural Match 45 Auto Mark IV/series 70 Camp Perry Special Edition.

AMMO ETC: (250+ lots)  38sp; 44 Mag; 45Auto; 30-06; 22-250; 223; 25-06; 22; Miltary Ammo including 30 Carbine; 30-06; MEC reloader; lots of dies; powder; primers; bullets; new brass; used brass; ammo boxes; lots of reloading supplies and other related items.


(WRAC # 274)
 Jim Gavin (#2387), Matt Gavin (#2389)
296 Main St. Reedsburg – 112 5th Ave. Baraboo
608-524-6416 – 608-356-9437