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Dick Gant Estate & Juliet “Jady” Gant – Antique, Collectibles – Reedsburg

February 28, 2020 @ 9:00 am America/Chicago Timezone

                GAVIN BROS AUCTION

Dick Gant Estate and Juliet “Jady’ Gant

Reedsburg, WI

DATE:  Friday, February 28                          TIME:  9:00 AM 

LOCATION:  E7429 State Road 23/33.  1 mile East of Reedsburg at GAVIN AUCTION Facility.

Lunch: Lunch Box Express

Note:  Following is a list of a very large and interesting auction.  Gant’s were lifetime Reedsburg Residents.  Lots of Reedsburg & Local memorabilia.  Lots of other very collectible items.  Pictures @  .   We will be selling in two rings part of day. 

Gant’s 3-4 bedroom home on Plum Street is for sale by GAVIN BROS REALTY.

ANTIQUE/COLLECTIBLE ITEMS:  Atkins Peddle Car; Coast-to-Coast Apollo Sled; Dolly Madison, Reedsburg Milk Can; 2-Connors Bar, Rupe Schweke glasses; 3-History of Reedsburg & Upper Valley books, by Merton Krug; Sorge’s Ice Cream Ice pick; Gant Funeral Home wooden Thermometer; Citizens Bank, Reedsburg wooden thermometer; Dolly Madison Ice Cream tray; Reedsburg, Cazenovia, North Freedom Custard glasses; Aquamarine Cased Thumbprint lemonade pitcher/4 glasses; LaValle toothpick; Ruby top pieces—LaValle, Valton, Caz, Reedsburg; The Sanitary Market-Reedsburg, Vogel & Sorenson Sifter; Coke Ice pick; local advertising rulers; Lots & Lots of yard Sticks-Jady collected for many years; 1941 Reedsburg Home Show Cook Book; 1936/37 Reedsburg Football team picture; Schweke Reedsburg/Baraboo  The Big Store Egg Crates;  Reedsburg Brewery bottles; Reedsburg Bottling bottles; Milk Bottles including Cream top; 1906 Sauk County Plat book; Reedsburg/local post cards; local advertising items; Altpeter bottles/case; Triumph bike; Old local calendars; Lionel No 11222 Train set; butter mold; coffee grinder; doll cutouts; doll house; dolls; tin wind up dog; board games; children’s books; G.I. Joe; corn bread mold; ice tongs; hand corn planter; Stereoscope & cards; string dispenser; Butter press; cigar molds; crockery churn; carnival glass; depression; wall clock; valentines; Radio Flyer wagon; Pitcher/glasses sets; marbles; glassware items; lots of other very collectible.

FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD, ETC: Old Wicker Baby Buggy; 4-Ice Cream chairs; Victorian end table; Chest w/hanky drawers; DR table/chairs; kitchen table/chairs; china hutch; marble top stand; lead glass piece; end tables; couch; chairs; Bedroom sets;  other furniture items; small kitchen appliances; pots/pans; dishes; lots of kitchen & household items. Toro S-200 snow blower; Some hand tools; rakes, shovels and other lawn/garden related items.

Coins: Will Sell at Approx. 10:00 AM Silver $; halve $; paper money;

CAR: Will Sell After 12:00 Noon:  2006 Chevrolet Equinox LS, 4 door, Front Wheel Drive, 3.4 liter V-6, 18,933 miles.

TERMS: Cash or Good Check, Visa or Mastercard w/convenience fee.

Sales Tax Applies. 


Coin List:    UPDATED

LOT #1—5-1921 Morgan Silver $                                         

LOT #2—12-PEACE Silver $                                                   

(8-1922, 1-1925, 2-1926,1-1928)                                           

LOT #3—13-Walking Liberty ½ $                                                         

LOT #4—6-1964 Kennedy ½ $                                            

LOT #5—16-Franklin ½ $

LOT #6—4-Mexian Pesos

LOT #7—17-Kennedy ½ $ (’66 to ’69)

LOT #8—32-Washington Quarters

LOT #9—2-Standing Liberty Quarters

LOT #10—17-Mercury dimes

LOT #11—50 Roosevelt dimes

LOT #12—147 Wheat Pennies

LOT #13—1899 Barber ½ $

LOT #14—1916 Barber Quarter

LOT #15—1910 Liberty Head Nickel

LOT #16—1916 Barber Dime

LOT #17—6-Buffalo Head Nickels

LOT #18—8-$1.00 Silver Cert.

  (4-1935D, 1-1935E, 3-1935G)

LOT #19—12-$1.00 Silver Cert.

  (4-1957, 8-1957A)

LOT #20—8-$1.00 Silver Cert.


LOT #21—5-$2.00 Red Seal

     (1953, 1953A, 1953B)

LOT #22—6-$2.00 Red Seal

  (2-1928D, 3-1928G, 1-1928F)

LOT #23—5-1976 $2.00-Green seal

LOT #24—2-1937 $1.00 Canadian

LOT #25—1977A $1.00 Fed Reserve – Note—Miss print

LOT # 26–$1.00 Silver Cert. autograph

LOT # 27 1935D $ 1.00     Blue Seal       

LOT # 28 1935G $ 1.00 Blue Seal         

LOT # 29 1935F $ 1.00 Blue Seal

LOT # 30 1995 $1.00 autographed      

LOT # 31 1972 Kennedy Silver $

LOT # 32 2- Franklin ½ $

LOT # 33  2- Walking Lib

LOT # 34 2- Kennedy ½ $

LOT # 35 2-Washington Quarters

LOT # 36 3- Mercury Dimes 

LOT # 37 3- Buffalo Nickels

LOT # 38  12- Golden $ Coins

LOT # 39  Silver $ Susan B. Anthony



(WRAC # 274)
 Jim Gavin (#2387), Matt Gavin (#2389)
296 Main St. Reedsburg – 112 5th Ave. Baraboo
608-524-6416 – 608-356-9437