Sherry Bump
Baraboo, WI

Location:  Baraboo Arts Banquet Center, 323 Water Street, Baraboo, WI   53913-Across from Circus Word Museum.

Date:  Tuesday, February 12                                                 Time:  9:00 AM   

LUNCH:  Country Gals

Note:  Sherry was an avid antique collector for many years.  She has made the difficult decision to sell her unbelievable collection.  This is the first auction of at least 3 auctions that it will take to disperse of her collections.  This will be one of the best antique auctions that we have had the honor to disperse in a very long time.  The next 2 auctions are scheduled for March 8 and 9.  Going through Sherry´s´ home is truly like walking through a museum.  Pictures @ 
The next auctions will have an amazing collection of Halloween, Easter & Christmas items and Furniture items as well as other items.

ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, ETC:  (Very partial list) Assortment of stoneware mixing bowls; Spongeware bowl; Red Wing, salt-glazed and other crocks & jugs; crockery pitchers;  RW beater jar; several Watt pitchers; Oriental and other large vases; GWTW banquet lamp; some very nice Kerosene lamps; Wall bracket lamps w/reflectors; lots of marbles including clay; buttons; Rose Bowl vases; lots of old Teddy Bears; lots of good Cookie jars; Donald Duck hard Rubber car; several small sad irons; Goebel Cat/other cat figurines & pictures; lots of good children´s books including Bambi, Peter Rabbit, Grimm´s Fairy Tales , others; lots of old games including Mickey Mouse Library,  Alee oop, Santa Claus Archarena Board game, others;  Doll house and furniture; Child´s tea set;  C.I. door stops (dog & others); Abelman dog plate; Effinger advertising; flowered plates; Beaded purses; Black Beauty glider horse; Wooden doll buggy; old ride on horse w/wheels; glass candy containers; small child´s hump back trunk; child´s table and chairs; child´s chairs; ABC blackboard;  Paper weights; C.I. rabbit mold; 8-story book dolls; other dolls;  oil on canvas Mountain/lake by Englehardt; DeLaVal adv; 10 + lanterns; baskets; Iron table lamp; Carnival pieces;  Planter Peanut jars; fluted vases; milk glass;  Shawnee items;  Sony Child´s wagon; Larco wooden child´s wagons; post cards; paper goods; ;  old Valentines;  wood seed display rack w/ advertising flyers; Squirrel peanut butter tin; wooden blocks; police badges; Buster Brown whistle; Shirley Temple pitchers; Advertising pitchers; Chocolate set; elephant, chicken & Pig pitchers;  World´s Fair bank; Big Little books; Thornton Burgess Easter tins; Advertising pieces; pitcher/bowl set;  good pictures/frames;  knick knacks;
 Wicker doll buggy; Some small furniture items;  lots of quality collectible items.

IRON BANKS:  Stag; Donkey; 5-Elephants; 4-Lions; Pig; 2-bank buildings; Post office; others.

TERMS:  Cash or good check.  Visa/MasterCard w/convenience fee.  Wis sales tax applies.

WISCONSIN REGISTERED AUCTIONEERS:  Robert J. Gavin (#185), James R. Gavin (#2387), Matthew C. Gavin (#2389) and Patrick McNamara ( #169)

CLERK & CASHIER:  Robin Craker, Reedsburg & GAVIN BROS AUCTIONEERS LLC (WRAC #274), Reedsburg & Baraboo.  (608)-524-6416 or (608)-356-9437.